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Good Environmental Practices

  • Hotel Best Western Las Mercedes Managua Jardín

A. Internal Level:

  1. Creating social awareness among all staff of Best Western Las Mercedes toward saving paper, saving electricity, saving water, saving A / C
  2. Partnership with Non-Governmental Organization authorized by the National Assembly and recognized in Nicaragua (. 5; "> Environmental Nicaragua) with those who are making alliances to work on two issues:
  3. Scenic Improvement Gardens Hotel
  4. Improvement scenic Vivero with the trend to create an arboretum with endangered plants where employees get involved to "adopt a tree"
  5. Waste electrical and electronic equipment to support disused nursery maintenance and conservation of endangered species (Mahogany, Cedar, Nambar, Coyote, Poche and Guapinol, which are species that are no longer available inventory INAFOR.
  6. Supplier Partnerships with the redesign of our website who already has certification "Cleaner Production" and strengthens our approach BPAs
  7. Click on "Changes in White" at the request of the guest where urges the consumption of resources (water, electricity, A / C, change of towels and linens only if the host deemed necessary.
  8. Installation of Solar System for saving electricity
  9. Installation of A / C with Inverter technology that allows saving power consumption

B. External Level:

  1. . 5; "> Brand Presence in Fairs:" Award for Cleaner Production ", organized by the Centre for Cleaner Production of Nicaragua, held at the National University of Engineering, in where they participated Companies Industry and Commerce. Best Western Hotel Las Mercedes is the pioneer in joining the Trade. "
  2. Brand Presence Environmental Fair sponsored by Chamber of Industry and Commerce - CADIN "Recycle Nicaragua if, for you, for me, for the Future. Recycling and Rebuilding ".. Best Western Hotel Las Mercedes is the pioneer in joining the shows.
  3. Presence in Campana "Donate your trash and Electronics Salva our Precious Woods"