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Políticas de Reservas


Cancellation Policies:

  • All reservations can be cancelled notifying the hotel at least 1 day prior to arrival and before the 16 hrs. (local time). Except those reservations under special and explicit policy of “No Cancellation”.
  • If the reservation is not cancelled in accordance with the policy mentioned above, this will be considered a NO SHOW and could result in charges (see NO SHOW policies).

NO SHOW Policies:

  • In case of non-arrival: when a guest, having booked a room does not appear for his/her/their reservation, a “NO SHOW” penalty will be charged to the guest (s) equivalent to first night rate. This policy changes only if the rate of reservation is held under special conditions.
  • “NO SHOW” will also be considered and applied to those reservations which are not cancelled under the “Cancellation Policies” mentioned above.

Guarantee Policies:

  • All reservations must be properly guaranteed with a valid credit card number and its expiration date. Reservations exempt from this policy are those which are prepaid, Business Exchange, courtesy, etc.
  • In case of reservations made by companies with credit agreement with the hotel, these reservations must be supported with an agreement letter from the company which explicitly states that it will be held responsible for the charge (s) of “NO SHOW” and/or cancellations that do not follow the “Cancellation Policies”.
  • All reservations not properly guaranteed will be honored until the 18 hrs. (local time) of the arrival date. After the 18 hrs. (local time) the Hotel will not be obligated to honor the reservation, allowing the Hotel to sell the room if necessary.

General Hotel Policies:

  • Check in time: 2 p.m.
  • Check out time: 12 m.
  • Early Check in: The Hotel holds its right to charge up to 50% of the original rate for an early check in, when and always there is availability of rooms when the guest enters the hotel.
  • Late Check out: The Hotel holds its right to charge up to 50% of the original rate for a late check out, when and always the availability of the rooms allows a late check out.